Why You Should Buy LiveLeap

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LiveLeap Review and Bonuses: http://goo.gl/2Nc0S1


Live Leap is an advanced Facebook approved tool which takes the advantages of Facebook live by syndicating your live feeds across your Facebook profiles, groups, fan pages and even your major social networks such as Twitter, Linked In, and your email list as well as your cellular devices.

It is the world’s first sharing the live feed tool. You can send your live video on your Facebook profile, group, pages with ease. The live videos are posted within a few seconds after you finish your live video.

Moreover, Live Leap also allows you to track any live call analytics, from who attended your live call, what the parts of your live stream where most engaging and where you lost the viewers and more importantly, you can make money from your live calls.


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LiveLeap Review & Bonuses – Should I Get it

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Why You Should Buy LiveLeap

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